Types of Stand up Paddle Boards Available in the Market

Paddle Boards Christchurch are always available in Christchurch. Stand up paddle boarding is a newer water sport that is taking over the world. It is a derivative of paddle boarding. It involves standing on a board on open water and using a stick or paddle to propel yourself forward. It also involves a number of variations and specific to this article are the different forms of stand up paddleboarding.

All around stand up paddleboard (sup)

It is the most common type of board. It is versatile and can perform in all kinds of conditions, whether it's calm water or extremely wavy water. It is perfect for beginners and is also family and dog-friendly too. 

Touring sups

Touring sups are wide and stable hence can be used by beginners. They are specifically designed for long distances in open flat water, a perfect choice for the serious paddlers looking to exercise or paddle fast but can also cater to those looking for a leisurely cruise on the water.

Surf sups

Surf sups are oversized boards and are less stable in water. They are best suited for intermediate and advanced paddlers. Essentially paddlers looking for a challenge, they are easy to mauver in the surf.

Fishing sups

If you love fishing but do not want to invest in a boat or kayak, a fishing sup is perfect for you. Fishing sups have a high volume, more than any other sup hence can stay high and well out of the water. Some brands actually offer the option of having your rod holder or fish finder installed on the board.

Racing sups

Racing sups are a perfect choice for elite racers. However, they could be a challenge for beginning paddlers. They are specifically constructed for open water races. They are extra long and extra wide to generate long glide efficiency and a fast sprint speed.

Yoga sups

Designed to cater to yoga, flat water paddling, and any other fitness exercise. They are very flexible and offer an expansive deck pad which is long and wide to practice yoga.