Heat Pumps - Modern Home Cooling and Heating Systems

Heat pumps Christchurch are a great solution for one’s home heating and cooling needs. Their main advantage is they provide more heat and consume less energy compared to other heating appliances. They function by compressing and decompressing gas in order to cool or heat your home. The electrical system pumps heat mainly from a cooler area to a warm one. In addition, the device has the ability to extract heat from the earth, water or even the air.

The pumps work much like a furnace during the winter season and air conditioner in hot seasons. It comprises both the heating and cooling systems on a single device and is only adjusted depending on the season.

There are basically three types of heat pumps each with different sources but same functioning. They include; 

 Air source heat pumps

They are both easy to install and affordable. This type is mostly preferred by homeowners who need appropriate room temperature. They usually give 100% of both home heating and hot water from one heat pump unit. They function without any piping works. They also have the same standard size of an air-conditioning unit and they are a stand-alone system. This makes it easier for them to be installed any place be it outside or inside the room. They also emit no noise when working.

Water source heat pumps

They mainly use water as the source of generating heat. During the installation, pipes are submerged inside any source of water such as a dam or lake. They are efficient in producing enough heat and functions quietly. However, they can be costly to install.

Ground source heat pumps

They have the same features of installation as that of the water source. The pipes are laid almost one meter deep the ground where there are constant temperatures of about 10 degrees. These heat pumps are nearly hidden and function silently.

Heat pumps function through heat transfer and not burning of fuels. They are thus the cheapest solution to the best heating and cooling systems.